:-) Your basic smilie. This smilie is used to inflect a sarcastic or joking statement since we can't hear voice inflection over Unix. Ba ocoo ca. coyec pae po y, .. e oe ca oa ooca o OCo co.
;-) Winky smilie. User just made a flirtatious and/or sarcastic remark. More of a "don't hit me for what I just said". oa ca. apa / poec ca. Copee oaae "He ee e a o, o oo o caa".
:-( Frowning smilie. User did not like that last statement or is upset or depressed about smth. Xyp ca. Ba e opaac oce paa, oope e-o.
:-I Indifferent smilie. Better than a Frowning smilie but not quite as good as happy smilie. Heopeee ca. ye e pey, o e a xopo, a cac ca.
:-> User just made a really biting sarcastic remark.Worse than :-) B oo o opoc oee, exoe aeae. Xye e :-)
>:-> User just made really devilish remark. epoc exoe aeae.
>;-> Winky and devil combined. A very lewd remark was just made. Oopeeo oae exae. Too o opoo oopy.
Those are the basic ones... Here are some somewhat less common ones: o ocoe y... o ecoo eee ox:
Changing the mouth: e po:
:-[A vampire.Bap.
:-EBuck-toothed vampire.Bap c opa yo.
:-FBuck-toothed vampire with one tooth missing.Bap c opa ooa ya.
:-7Just made a wry statement.oe coecea.
:-*Just ate something sour.Ce o-o coe.
:[email protected]Screaming.Bo.
:-#Wears braces.B apyax.
:-&Tongue-tied.aa .
:-?Smoking a pipe.Kyp pyy.
:-PSticking out tongue.Bcyy .
:-SJust made an incoherent statement.Bcaac e o ey.
:-DLaughing out loud.poo ceec.
:-XLips are sealed.Po a ae.
:-CReally bummed.Coce oxo...
:-oUh-oh.x-ox! (eae)
:-9Licking his/her lips.Oae y.
:-0No yelling! (quiet hours in the dorm) - also an orator.He pa! (Tx ac oae), a ae "opaop".
:-`Spitting (tobacco).Cae (aa)
:-$Mouth wired shut.Po a oe poooo.
:-qTrying to touch tongue to nosepoye oca o o oca.
:-aSame as above on other side.To e - pyy copoy.
:-[Unsmiley blockhead.Heyac oa.
:-}Chapped lips, or bearded.opecaec y, c opoo.
:-{Indifferent with moustache.epe ca c yca.
:-jLeft smiley.eocopo ca.
:-dLeft smiley razzing reader.e opaa ae ca
:-kBeats me.o e.
:-|Have a day.oa!
:-<Real sad.Coepeo pyc.
:-xLips are sealed.Po a ae.
:-cBummed out.B ae.
:-vTalking head.oopa ooa.
:-bSticking out tongue.Bcyy .
Changing the nose: ec e oc:
:^)Has a broken nose.Hoc coa.
:v)Broken nose in the other direction.Hoc coa pyy copoy.
:_)Nose is sliding off his/her face.Hoc cexa c a.
:<)From an Ivy League school. o .
:=)Two noses.a oca.
:u)Funny looking nose (left).Ceo oc (e)
:n)Funny looking nose (right).Ceo oc (pa)

Changing the eyes: e aa:
%-)Staring at the screen for 15 hours straight.c pa 15 aco op.
8-)Wearing sunglasses.B x oax.
B-)Wearing glasses (could be horn-rims).B x o, ooo - pooo opae.
O-)Megaton, cyclops, of wearing a diving mask.Meaoa, o, ae acy p.
,-)Winking, one-eyed.oa ooa.
g-)Ponce-nez glasses.ece.
Changing more than one character: C eee e ooo coa:
:,(Crying, but without a nose.Kp, a e oca.
%-6Brain dead.Mo yep.
8-|Suspenseful.B pacepoc.

Adding extra characters: oa pye co:
::-)Wears glasses (four eyes).B oax (4 aa).
B:-)Glasses on top of head.O a y.
8:-)Little girl.Maea eoa.
:-)-8Big girl.oa eoa.
:-{)Has moustache.C yca.
:-#)Bushy moustache.yce yc.
{:-)Wears a toupee.B ape.
}:-)Toupee in an updraft.B ape aay.
:-)~Drooling.Hece eyxy.
:-~)Has a cold.oxa acop.
:'-)So happy, he/she is crying.Ta cac, o a p.
=:-)Hosehead.ooa pyae.
-:-)Punk rocker.a.
+-:-)The Pope.aa Pc.
`:-)Shaved off one eyebrow.Cp oy po.
,:-)Shaved off the other eyebrow.Cp pyy po.
O :-)Angel.Ae.
*<:-)Wearing a Santa Claus hat.B ae ea Mopoa.
E-:-)Ham radio operator.Paoe.
8 :-)Wizard.Boe.
@:-)Wearing a turban.B pae.
[:-)Listening to a walkman.Cyae ay.
:-))Double chin.oo oopoo.
(:-)Big smile.oo ca.
:-)XWearing a bow tie.B acye-aoe.
Misc: poe:
(-:Left handed.ea.
:-{}Wearing lipstick.Haaac yo oao.
<|-(Chinese, but doesn't likethese kind of jokes.Kae, o yo ax e .
-:-(Real punk rockers don't smile.Hacoe a e c.
@= Pro-nuclear war.Copo epo o.
(8-oMr. Bill. (From original Saturday Night Live)Mcep ( opaoo oy Saturday Night Live)
*:o)Bozo the Clown.Koy oo
3:]Pet smile.yc
3:[Mean pet smile.Oe oea oo.
d8=Beaver with goggles and hard hat.op ax oax oo e.
K:PKid with propeller beanie.Peo c poeepo.
:-: Mutant. Invisible.Mya. Hea.
~~:-(Getting flamed.Boopaec
O |-)Religious.Peo
8 :-IUnix wizard.aa o HKCo
3:o[Pet clown.Oe oy.
Miniatures: Map:
:[Really bummed.Coce oxo.
:OTalking loudly.poo oop.
:PSticking out tongue.Bcyy
=)Have a nice day.oa, ao-aao.

Unknowns: Many characteristics of different smileys to create Mega-smileys: Heece: Moo pax cao coeax opay Cyep-ca:
C=}>;*{))A drunk, devilish chef with a toupee in an updraft, a mustache, and a double chin. yca eoec oap ape aay, c o oopoo.
}:^#})Updrafted bushy-mustached pointy nosed smiley with a double-chin.Bepy aay ca c ocp oco c o oopoo.
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