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Послать другу!  Поздравления на английском, № 1:

You my betters lovely friend-
This ia best from all the brand!
To the realized Your wishes
I will brake at home all dishes!
Ours love will pass all tests
It"s too early fo the rest!
You and me, we both together
Will be glad for any weather!
So, only one desire
Which I have - it"s be on tie
Just with You and this connection
From the damage has protection!
I am ready for solution
Give all kinds of contribution
To the ours strongest love,
You my pretty, You my dove!


Послать другу!  Поздравления на английском, № 2:

My love is like a cabbige:
Devided into two.
The leaves I give to others,
The heatr I give to You!



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